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Bookends to Endnote

I recently made the switch from Bookends to Endnote and while the transfer of references was relatively smooth, converting documents hasn’t been as straightforward. Quick tip if you’re in the same boat: Before uninstalling Bookends, be sure to unformat your citations so that they’re no longer field codes within Word. Once that’s done, you can change the citations to the format that Endnote likes, e.g. {Author, Year, #} or {Author, Year, Pages}, from Bookends’ format {Author, Year, Journal, Volume, Pages}.

If, like me, you suddenly realize *after* uninstalling Bookends or moving to a different computer that you have a manuscript under revision that has Bookends field codes, you may have to go through a slightly annoying process of manually replacing field codes with plain text. Bookends’ field codes are something like {ADDIN BEC {Author, ….}}. So after making the codes visible (Toggle field codes), you can extract the temporary citation, modify it for Endnote’s benefit and delete the {ADDIN BEC }. When Endnote scans the document, it should be able to correctly generate the bibliography.

Here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts I found quite useful: http://word.mvps.org/mac/fieldsinmacword.html

Of course, I might be missing some far easier method. If so, let me know!